Adoption Information


Bringing your New Dog home

- Two-week Shutdown Protocol

- Keys to a Successful Adoption

- Increasing the Odds of a Successful Adoption

- Bringing a New Dog Home: Preventing Problems


Recommended Reading & Online Rescources

- 72 Best Dog Training Books and DVDs

- Recommended Online Resources


Dogs and Children

- Introducing Dogs to Children

- 5 Steps to Living with Babies and Dogs

- How Kids Should and Should Not Interact with Dogs

- Kids and Dogs

- Children and Dogs


Introducing New Dogs to Each other

- Adopting a Dog into a Multi Dog Household

- A New Friend for Fido

- Introducing Dogs to Each Other

- Living Peaceably in a Multi-Dog Home


Dog on Dog Aggression

- Diffusing Intra-Pack Aggression

- Dog vs. Dog


Introducing Dogs to Cats

- Dogs Chasing Cats: Tips for Stopping this Behavior


Excessive Barking

- Stop Dog Barking

- Common Dog Behavior Issues: Barking


House Training

- Don't Punish your Dog for Peeing in the House

- House Training Made Easy

- Urine Marking


Loose Leash Walking

- Teach your Dog Loose Leash Walking


Separation Anxiety 

- Center for Shelter Dogs - Separation Anxiety

- Separation Anxiety


Resource Guarding

- Resource Guarding Treatment and Prevention

- Growling over Food and Chew Bones

- Territorial or Watchdog Behavior

- Resource Guarding 

- Food Guarding

- Teaching 'Sit' to Stop Guarding


Dogs and Thunder/ Fireworks

- 6 Ways to Prepare for the Bangs and Booms

- Fear of Storms


Dog Training Methods

- The Truth about Dominance

- Positive Reinforcement Dog Training


Aggression in Dogs who are Woken

- Why is my Dog Aggressive when Woken Suddenly?



- Puppies that Play Rough